Providing compelling storytelling through event entertainment is our passion. 

Powerful events take attendees on a journey and convey clear messages that inspire audiences. We help our clients build engaging experiences that deepen the attendee experience.

We approach each project with a vision of the bigger picture. We learn about your organization’s culture and brand, understand your vision and objectives, then help you develop the best way to communicate your unique message to your audience through your event.

What story will your next event tell? 

Skylark /ˈskīˌlärk/ (Verb):

Play boisterously; frolic; cavort; play (to be at play; amuse one’s self in a manner characteristic of children)

In traditional New Orleanian "Mardispeak," the term "skylarking" means to ham it up, show off or provide amusement for parade spectators with dancing, jokes and repartee.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Kate Sullivan Nelson, Founder & President

I have been told that passion for the theatrical is contagious. You could say that my career in entertainment started during my childhood, starring in plays in my basement for my parents. Although the scope of my career has expanded to reach a much wider audience, everything that I do today still radiates with that same spark of childlike delight. 

Skylark Creative Group was born out of a desire to meld my extensive professional experience in corporate event planning with my experience in and passion for theatrical production. I took the road too often traveled by young "undecided" majors, and in lieu of pursuing a rather promising and lucrative career in law, decided to study English and Theater at Tulane University in New Orleans. There I discovered my passion for New Orleans culture, music, performance...oh, and Mardi Gras. After graduating, I moved to Chicago where I worked for one of the area's top Destination Management & Event Production companies producing elaborate events for big wigs, including Fortune 500 companies and prominent associations. Another city rich in culture and with a vibrant theater and music scene, Chicago offered opportunities for me to indulge my passion for theater through performing with local theater companies in my limited "spare" time in between events. When I relocated to my native Washington, DC, I was recruited by a former client to start up a new Destination Management Company in DC, which quickly became one of the top DMCs in the region. While there, I amassed an impressive portfolio of clients, producing high-end events and productions at prominent Washington, DC-area event venues like The National Portrait Gallery, Library of Congress, Mount Vernon, Air and Space Museum, The National Archives, and more, as well as producing events and shows nationwide and internationally.  

Because of my 10+ years of experience in full-service strategic event logistics, I approach event entertainment - whether a large stage show or walk-around costumed characters - with a vision of the bigger picture, ensuring that all aspects of the event work together smoothly and successfully.

My career in events has been anything but ordinary. It has afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting clients and talented entertainers in the industry. Through connections and partnerships that I have made over the years, I have developed a core group of only the very best in the events and entertainment industry, enabling Skylark Creative Group to produce exceptional events and shows. My versatility and ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with both the high-level stakeholders, as well as the entertainers and technical production professionals, sets Skylark Creative apart from the competition. I collaborate with corporate CEOs and contortionists; meeting planners and musicians; fundraisers and fire artists. I thrive on learning about every aspect of my clients, their companies and their stories, and translating those stories into experiences through event entertainment. 

I look forward to learning your story.